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Headwaters Canoes

I thought I’d share this beautiful video showcasing Headwaters Canoes. They’re locate just north of Ottawa in the Gatineau Hills where I spent much of my youth and learned the art of canoeing. Headwaters Canoes builds custom made wood canvas canoes.

Removing Screws

In my last post Greenwood Canoe Screws I talked about the frustrating task of removing rusted gunnel screws from a Greenwood Canoe. After removing the screws from one side my shoulder was sore, my arm ached and I had numerous minor cuts and abrasions from fighting with Bill’s (&*(^Y*(&y!! screws. I decided to try something…

Greenwood Canoe Screws

Anyone who’s followed my blog or FaceBook page me know the high regard in which I hold Bill Greenwood and Greenwood Watercraft (aka Greenwood Canoe). However, with almost every Greenwood canoe I’ve encountered there comes a day when I use language not appropriate for a public posting. That’s the day when I must remove the…

The Greenwood & The Old Oak Tree

Early in September I received the following email in response to one of my ads: “I bought a beautiful old Greenwood canoe this past spring we thoroughly enjoyed it with the family. Unfortunately that freak storm knocked the top off a large oak tree and tore a hole in the front 8-10″ of this old…

New Canoe Shop

With the weather turning and seven canoes, plus a canoe mold on hand, it was time for a bigger shop. Fortunately, through a friend of a friend, I heard about some shared shop space available in Cowichan Bay and went to take a look. In comparison to my current cramped quarters the place seemed huge….