Removing Screws

Gunnel ScrewIn my last post Greenwood Canoe Screws I talked about the frustrating task of removing rusted gunnel screws from a Greenwood Canoe. After removing the screws from one side my shoulder was sore, my arm ached and I had numerous minor cuts and abrasions from fighting with Bill’s (&*(^Y*(&y!! screws. I decided to try something different. A few years ago I purchased a little butane soldering torch which I’ve found very handy when doing outside electrical repairs. As I’d already hopelessly destroyed the outwale on one side, I had nothing to loose. Let me tell you it worked like a charm. Butane Soldering TorchAfter applying the torch to the head of each screw for about 20 seconds and cleaning the gunk out of the driver slot, almost all of the screws turned with little effort. What a difference! There was some charring on the outwale, but with a little more fineness and a little sanding I believe one could employ this method and still save the outwale. Also my torch is and inexpensive model I picked up on sale for ten or fifteen dollars. A better quality torch might provide a little more control.


iroda micro torch

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