Vancouver Island Canoe Repair & Restoration

Greenwood Before & After

Although we specialize in repairing and restoring canvas covered canoes, we repair and restore all makes, models and types of canoes and kayaks, wood and canvas, cedar strip, fiberglass, Kevlar® and ABS.

Vancouver Island Canoe Repair and Restoration

Vancouver Island Canoe Repair & Restoration

Canoe Repairs: Copper Canyon Canoe can repair or rebuild virtually any part of a cedar and canvas canoe. If your canoe needs a minor or major repair please feel free to contact us.

Canvas Covered Canoe Repair

Canoe Restoration: Copper Canyon Canoe offers a full range of restoration options ranging from serviceable, to “like new” condition.

Canvas Covered Canoe Restoration

Canoe Re-Covering: Copper Canyon Canoe can re-cover your canoe either using traditional canvas covering or modern methods ranging from Dacron covering to Kevlar®.

Canoe Recovering

Fiberglass Repairs: Copper Canyon Canoe does fiberglass repairs to most any type of boat.

Fiberglass Canoe Repair

Adopt a Canoe: Looking for a canoe? We usually have one or two canoes waiting for adoption. These canoes can be finished just the way you want them. We currently have a Greenwood Prospector. Please inquire for more information

Adopt a Canoe

What’s My Canoe Worth? This is one of the most common questions and there’s rarely and easy answer. If you live locally we can give provide you with a written valuation or full appraisal of your canoe.

What is My Canoe Worth

Mentorship: We offer a full range of mentorship options. If you’re repairing or restoring, or plan to repair or restore a canvas covered canoe we can help. We can help you with a specific task or walk you through the complete process.


Aircraft Fabric Repair & Recovering: Many of the skills we now use for repairing and recovering wood and canvas canoes were learned doing much the same kind of work to aircraft. If you need fabric work done on a non-certified aircraft please feel free to contact us.

Aircraft Fabric Repair & Recovering


PricingPricing? Each canoe is very much a unique individual and most of the wood and canvas canoes out there are old. They have seen many years of service and, all to often, neglect. Many seemingly whole canoes contain unfortunate “surprises”. It’s therefore more then a little difficult to quote a general price for a project. With photos, I can sometimes get a fairly good idea but, whenever possible, I prefer to see the canoe in person.

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Vancouver Island Canoe Repair & Restoration
Copper Canyon Canoe, serving Vancouver Island, Victoria, Nanaimo and the Southern Gulf islands, repairing, restoring and recovering canvas covered canoes.

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