Huron Canoe Restoration 2015

“Huron” canoes were built by a group of different canoe builders living in a village north of Quebec City. This “First People village” is located just and was first settled by the Wendat/Hurons in 1697. The reserve took on many different names over time; including Lorette, and Huron Village before finally adopting the name Wendake in 1986.

This reserve has over the last 300 years been home to many canoe builders, small operations as well as fair sized ones. Four families (Bastien, Groslouis, Sioui and Picard) seem to have been involved as owners or employees in almost all of these companies. Canoes from these builders (listed below) were sometimes also sold by and under the Eatons and Sears names.

– Bastien Bros., Village Huron
– Big Chief Canoes, (a Bastien Bros. trademark)
– YAHO, G & C Groslouis Enr., Village Huron
– Gagnon Bros. Limited, Loretteville
– Gagnon & Jobidan, Loretteville
– Cagnon Canoe Reg’d, Loretteville
– Bastien Industries, Lorette
– Louis A. Picard, Village-des-Hurons
and many others.

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