Faber Canoe Restoration 2015

FABER & Company, located in Loretteville, Quebec, just northwest of Quebec City, produced canvas-covered canoes as part of a long line of canoes built in this part of Quebec. Unlike many of the other canoe building companies in this part of Quebec, FABER & Co. was not Huron/Wendat owned or operated, and was located just outside the reserve. It did however employe many Huron/Wendat people. Since other canoe builders from this area sometimes sold their production in volume to the big department stores like Eaton’s and Sears, it may be that FABER did likewise.

Faber & Co.

The introduction to the 1953 catalogue from FABER & Co. gives an insight into the specifics of the company’s canoe-building operation:

The shells (the hull of planking) are made of selected Eastern white cedar, the toughest lightweight wood obtainable. Brass fastenings are used throughout. Gunnels (gunwales) are red spruce. Decks, bars and the babiche- strung seats are white ash or oak. The shell is treated against rot, then the canvas is applied and our special process gives it a smooth, glass-hard surface that will withstand wear. The outside of the canoe is enamel-finished in colors. All woodwork is finished with best spar varnish.

FABER & Co. also supplied a wide range of snall boats, and accessories like paddles and oars, and related sporting items often associated with Quebec such as lacrosse sticks and snowshoes.

FABER & Co. produced wood and canvas canoes until the late ’70s or early ’80s. The company still exists, manufacturing snowshoes.


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