Learn to Canoe

I recently met Fred, another die hard canoe lover, who provided me with the following Ten Reasons Canoes are Better than Kayaks. If you have one or more of your own please feel free to share them by commenting on this post.

    1. Canoes are easier to get in and out of – kayaks require special squatting, balance, yoga etc.

    2. You can sit in a canoe or kneel, stand, change your possition or move around in it.
    Kayak = “sciatica city”

    3. Its easier to pack and unpack a canoe, whatever you are looking for it’s right there.

    4. A person can sleep over night in a canoe on the water, or under it as a tent/covering. Kayak NOT!

    5. You can make love in a canoe (canoedle) – a requirement, according to Pierre Burtond, if you want to qualify as a bona fide Canadian.*

    6. Canoes are typically more affordable, even the most costly canoe is less expensive than a typical sea kayak.

    7. It takes “real” skill to paddle a canoe…. a canoeist must actually know how to paddle!**

    8. Canoes can be a paddled solo or as in tandem with two people or even more, Kayaks are a single purpose designed.

    9. You can easily pack a full case of beer, or a cooler, in a canoe and access it easily!

    10. After #9, at least if you’re a guy, you can easily pee from a Canoe. Try that in a kayak!

Learn to Canoe

* Pierre Burtond defined a Canadian as “someone who can make love in a canoe.” The line is attributed to Berton in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, as well as Colombo’s Canadian Quotations

** Margaret Atwood: “If you want to feel truly Canadian, you’ve got to get out there and learn to paddle a canoe.”

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