Canoe Stem Rot

The simple answer is, leave it on the ground. Especially here on Vancouver Island, where our winters are warm and wet, leaving your canoe lying on the ground can seriously damage your canoe in a matter of months, if not weeks. Every canoe I’ve looked at that has sever rot issues has been left sitting, outside on the ground.

Canoe Stem Rot

Rotten Planking





Plastic Saw Horses

I realize not all of us have the option of storing our canoes inside. I, myself am blessed with only a single car garage and usually someone else’s canoe is in there. There are however lots of alternative, many of them easy and inexpensive. One of my favorites is a simple pair of saw horses. I’m particularly fond of the folding abs plastic saw horses, readily available through hardware or building supply stores. They are cheap, will never rot or rust, and fold away, taking little or no space when not in use.

Canoe Lift

Another great option is a “Dual Pulley Lift” or “Bicycle Lift”. If you’re handy you can build one of these for yourself. I’ve also found them for sale for as little as $10. These can be installed in a variety of locations, in a carport or garage or even under the eves of your home.

Dual Pulley Lift

Home Made Canoe Lift

Bicycle Lift





For those with who are a little more ambitious, and handy with wood working tools, an outdoor canoe wrack is and excellent option. These can be simple or complex. Below I’ve include some links to sites on building your own canoe stand as well as a gallery showing various canoe stand options.


Free Canoe Boat Rack Plans

More Ways to Rack Your Boats

Storage & Transport


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