Category: Interesting Canoes

Antique Cedar Strip Canoe

It’s funny how canoe construction has come almost full circle in the last 100 years. Last summer I came across this antique cedar strip beauty, owned by a gentleman living in Shawnigan Lake, BC. Before the advent of canvas covered canoes, European builders tried replacing the original birch bark canoe in various ways. However, matching…

Greenwood Glory

He whistled and he sang till the green woods rang And he won the heart of a lady Most of you will of heard the names Chestnut, Peterborough, and Old Town. However, if you’re not from British Columbia, Canada, few of you will have heard the name “Greenwood”.   Bill Greenwood founded Greenwood Canoe Co….

Finding a FeatherWeight

I was in Victoria yesterday looking at a Greenwood Canoe. Off to one side, sitting on a table, was the smallest canoe I’d ever seen, just 11 feet long, though a full 36″ in the beam. It turned out to be a Chestnut Featherweight. I’d heard about these canoes, and seen a few pictures but…